5 March, 2020

“In our path of sustainable growth, it is essential to have a strategic ally like IRAM.”



In the framework of the World Energy Efficiency Day, we interviewed Franco M. Almada, responsible for Technical Administration, Standardization and Certification of Alladio e Hijos S.A., who highlighted that the related IRAM standards allow improving the competitiveness of the industry and that our seal is synonymous with trust.

-Alladio is a pioneer in offering products that care for the environment and energy efficiency. What was the trigger that prompted you to make this journey? How do you transfer it internally to your own organization?


Our company has been around for more than 70 years. Many would say that it is a lifetime, but it would be more accurate to say that it is the sum of the lives of all those people who, from their own possibilities, contributed to make that activity that our mothers and grandmothers used to do, as simple and common as washing clothes, as less tedious as possible and, at the end of the day, provide well-being to the loved ones. Our approach to energy efficiency is essentially based on similar principles: the search for viable solutions so that we can all have a better quality of life, living in harmony with the environment, taking care of it and of ourselves. We have invested for decades in the development of knowledge, in the research of efficient ways of manufacturing and of applied technologies, in the professional growth of our internal and external collaborators, raising ethical values and commitment to the customer. All our products are conceived through design techniques that not only contemplate the product itself, but also the way in which they are manufactured, managed and distributed, including people and the environment, taking them to the highest known standards and always bearing in mind the importance of strengthening the national industry.


-The market demands increasingly efficient products when it comes to manufacturing. What are the tools offered by IRAM Energy Efficiency standards?

A technical standard is in itself a great source of information, a document in which the studies and experiences of multidisciplinary groups with often dissimilar points of view have been collected. In this sense, it is very favorable for designers, developers and manufacturers to have an institute that not only organizes the data, creating a defined path towards best practices, but also favors and encourages periodic analysis seeking continual improvement, training people and improving the competitiveness of the industry by making a rational and intelligent use of resources. We are proud to see the fruit of years of joint work as suppliers of the most efficient washing machines in the Argentine market, not forgetting to mention our majority presence in the national supply and international trade relations.

-Why do you choose IRAM to certify the energy efficiency of your products? What added value do you find in our seal?


Our relationship with IRAM began in 1983 and since then we have managed to strengthen it mutually, participating in discussion forums both nationally and internationally, with the main objective of contributing to the development of technical standards that promote the safety and welfare of society. Today, the IRAM seal is synonymous with trust, backed by decades of technical development. In Alladio we seek to be the preferred choice of the market for the excellence of our products and services. And in this path of sustainable growth it is essential to have a strategic ally like IRAM.




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